#Alec is #ChrisChristie juvenile/#immigrant Prison Act

#Alec is #ChrisChristie juvenile/immigrant Prison Act

“From late 2012 until early 2013, a female MDOC staff member repeatedly opened John Doe 4’s cell for purposes of engaging in coerced sexual intercourse with him,” the lawsuit states.“One youth was told that if he was asked about being raped or harmed, he ‘better not say a word,’” allegations include the plaintiffs being subjected to cross-gender searches, pat-downs and viewings while showering and performing basic bodily functions. Juvenile Prison Rape Elimination Act will examine the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse in the nation’s prisons and juvenile detention centers. As we’ve reported, the department has found alarming rates of abuse by staff on youngsters in custody. In a 2013 survey of more than 8,700 juveniles housed in 326 facilities across the country, 8 percent said they experienced sex abuse at the hands of the staff supervising them. Twenty percent of those who said they were victimized by staff said it happened on more than 10 occasions. But perhaps the most surprising finding: