#Koch’s Profit from #Ohio’s $7.8M Free Inmate Labor is added to his $7.8B #PrisonIndustry Profits

#Koch Ind’s Profit from Ohio’s $7.8M Free Inmate Labor is added to his $7.8B prison Industry Profits


From toilet paper and license plates to processed meat and furniture, products made by Ohio inmates are becoming increasingly profitable as the state’s prisons act more like private businesses. In fiscal 2013, Ohio Penal Industries made $7.8 million from inmate labor inside the penitentiary.
Carceral Spatiality and Geographies of Detention1 “For many, prison is not that much different than from the street… Sick call is no different, from the clinic of the hospital or the emergency room. The fights are the same… The police are the same. The poverty is the same. The alienation is the same. The racism is the same. The sexism is the same. The drugs are the same and the system is the same”. Assata Shakur “Women in Prison: How We Are”2 “Blacks are always in one prison or another. They cannot escape imprisonment for one moment”. Michael Dingake My Fight Against Apartheid?
Assaults in Ohio prisons up 20.6%
The new state prisons director is tamping down on escalating violence in Ohio’s 31 prisons, where inmate-on-inmate assaults have jumped 20.6 percent last year over 2007 and disturbances involving four or more prisoners increased 102 percent during the same period.
‘an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.” Martin Luther King Jr. Together we negotiate; Divided we beg
Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget for fiscal 2012-13 includes a nearly 10 percent cut in overall funding for the $1.76 billion prison system, and involves privatizing five prisons, increasing the use of parole and reducing the number of inmates returning to prison on“technical” parole violations.