O’Reilly Talks Tough About NYC Mayor de Blasio: ‘I Want to Beat Him Up’ and about the American Citizen “Takers”


O’Reilly Talks Tough About NYC Mayor de Blasio: ‘I Want to Beat Him Up’ and about the American Citizen “Takers”

In Light Of SCOTUS’ Ruling Re: Campaign Contributions

The 99 Percent’s 501C Collects $250 From Each Taxpayer Collectively Therein To Equal $ 71B To Buy Back US And Purchase Our Own Politicians 

The War on Poverty will Be won via Voting one’s own Interest & by Teachers teaching children the abc’s on how to vote http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Says Bill O'Reillly

Says Bill O’Reilly”The US poor are like…

Dangerous Liars belive their own lies Bill Oreilly

Percent of the US population on welfare  4 % (Known by O’Reilly “the people on the free ride getting welfare.” 

Percent of recipients who are white  38.8 %

Percent of recipients who are black  39.8 %

It is the policy of the state to protect the life of every citizen and seek the most appropriate ways to provide the basic needs for its people. It is then the policy of the citizenry people to follow all laws. Once the contract is breached there must be unrest, to that end:

HEMP TECHNOLOGIES the panacea disguised as a mere weed yielding Food, Fuel, Shelter, Jobs – Hemp is NOW! The initial challenge is to educate the public about the industrial benefits of the hemp. By foreseeing the potential worldwide benefits that may be derived from the myriad of uses for industrial hemp and recognizing the profits that could be made in making the world a better place. Large-scale improvements in public systems, services, and facilities of this country or region as necessary for good economic activity; better infrastructure: power and water supplies, public transportation, telecommunications, roads, and schools, are possible.

While at Church, Ironically O’Reilly has repeatedly railed against what he believes to be the expansion of the entitlement state, infamously saying in 2012 that President Obama won reelection because people “want things” and believed Obama would give those things to them. But of course O’Reilly wants for nothing. Obama won because people voted even though their votes are and were restricted, waiting in line for over four to 8 hours unlike those like O’Reilly who are entitled to vote and work on “real” jobs.  How can you claim to be an american, let alone a christian when you envy those that you do not know.