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Iran Contra

Bermudez — who’d been Somoza’s Washington liaison to the American military — was hired by the cia

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Missouri to start taking hemp production applications

Missouri to start taking hemp production applications

Sep 16, 2014 – In the wake of tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri, that focused the public’s … Missouri: Governor Signs CBD-Only Medical Marijuana Law.

U.S.: Retired Seattle Police Chief Connects Ferguson To Drug War In Senate Hearings –  “The drug war is inextricably linked to most major issues of our time, from immigration to police militarization,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group of law enforcement officers opposed to the War On Drugs. “It’s the cause of much of the violence on our streets and in communities worldwide. – See more 

Nixon signs hemp oil legislation

Did Ferguson Prosecutors Focus Unduly on Marijuana?
Could marijuana really have contributed to the deadly confrontation between Michael Brown and Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson?

Patients and their advocates pleaded with a state panel of doctors Wednesday to expand Connecticut’s Medical Marijuana Program to include additional medical conditions beyond those currently allowed by state law. The Medical Marijuana Program is administered by the state Department of Consumer Protection. The department is accepting written materials, petitions and testimony from the public until Dec. 12.

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Cleveland Hemp Co. 97 likes. Cleveland company specializing in premium hemp based products.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity : No Dissent ……/no-dissent-heard-as-house-and-senate-quick…
Aug 4, 2014 – Walter Jones: Don’t Arm ‘Moderates’ in Syria! … The legislation gives the Israel government another $225 million dollars for the Iron Dome system Israel …. 3 June 2013; No Hemp Legalization Vote in US Senate – 8 June 2013.

GOP House Gives A Raise To DEA As Congressman Asks Why (UPDATE) The amendment by Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) would have reduced DEA’s budget by $35 million, to the amount of the agency’s original request.

” Weed.” “Pot.””Marijuana.”   cannabis Labels, tools origin, purpose, application Homeless addicts, crack babies, drive-by-shootings, gangs, burglaries, robberies, muggings, black-youth, guns. Where did labels come from? How do they teach,anyhow) Give them back. Israel’s Secret Anti-sentitism Moors

Norwin Meneses, Danilo Blandon and ”Freeway Rick” Ross would have been hailed as geniuses of marketing.

Woody Harrelson’s Hemp Woes Over;Harrelson and others have argued  in Court that hemp, which was one of Kentucky’s leading cash crops up to 50 years ago, would be a boon to farmers, particularly the many tobacco growers in Kentucky whose traditional crop is becoming increasingly stigmatised.

The Lee County prosecutor said Harrelson’s stunt was punishable under the law and carries a penalty of up to a year in prison and a $500 fine. But after a one-day trial, the six-person jury deliberated less than half an hour before acquitting him Thursday.

Norwin Meneses, Danilo Blandon and ”Freeway Rick” Ross would have been hailed as geniuses of marketing.

Hostages were returned at 12 o’clock noon on January 21, 1981 when Reagan was inaugurated; Not without the expense souls of Moors Moorish » Under President Obama

Netanyahu to Go to Africa to Return Infiltrators

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declares war on Refugee Moors and will fly to Africa to discuss sending them back home.

IDL 27 NOV 2014 ADL Blogs
Anti‑Defamation League
1 day ago – The sovereign citizen movement has experienced rapid recent growth, particularly in its Afro-centric “Moorish” offshoot. “Moorish” sovereigns …Zionism Unsettled – ICEJ Home


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National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Oct 25, 2000 – Fort tried to join the “Black Muslims” and the “Moorish Science …… the AntI- Cefama~lon League(ADL}. …. instead of the Jewish state of Israel.

The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 5
A War of Extermination by the Moors. ….. T:0J H. M -36 Attorney Htreet; Israel Feideibaum- damage. trifling; cause …. NEW IDL TION, WITH ADL-ITiON AX.

The Jewish Floridian – University of Florida
University of Florida
the Bnei Israel from the heading WASHINGTON (JTA) Sen. …… many young people are casting loose from Jewish moor- ….. To: ROBERT EUGENE Idl.l.S …… ADL.T EDUCATION SOCIAL and CULTURAL PROGRAMS FOR FURTHER …

Labels, tools origin, purpose, application Homeless addicts, crack babies, drive-by-shootings, gangs, burglaries, robberies, muggings, black-youth, guns. Where did labels come from? How do they teach,anyhow) Give them back.  Israel’s Secret Anti-sentitism Moors

Norwin Meneses, Danilo Blandon and ”Freeway Rick” Ross would have been hailed as geniuses of marketing.


marketeer: 2 an area or arena in which commercial dealings are conducted: the UK market remained in recession | the labour market.
• a demand for a particular commodity or service: there is a market for high-priced wine.
• the state of trade at a particular time or in a particular context: the bottom’s fallen out of the market.
• the free market: future development cannot be left to the market | [ as modifier ] : a market economy.
• a stock market. the sale of the company’s shares on world markets.

verb (markets, marketing, marketed) [ with obj. ]

marketer noun

marketeer |mɑːkɪˈtɪə|
a person who sells goods or services in a market: software marketeers.
• [ with modifier ] a person who works in or advocates a particular type of market: in the US libertarians are free marketeers to the bone.


Blandon  knew what he was doing when he met Ricky Ross,





Full text of “ABC News 1978 1979” – Internet Archive…/ABCNews19781979/Iran-Contra-FT-…Internet Archive
He said Mr Regan was a prime candidate for resignationg. …. received a request, brought by an emissary directly from Israeli Prime Minster Peres. …… Texas millionaire Mr Ross Perot, but also Drug Enforcement Administration agents and a ……

California Sample Ballot Nov 2014 Nov 4

There is a very strong correlation, between a state voting for Republicans and receiving more in federal spending than its residents pay to the federal government in taxes (the rust belt and Texas being notable exceptions). In essence, those in blue states are subsidizing those in red states. Both red and blue states appear to be acting politically in opposition to their economic interests. Blue states are voting for candidates who are likely to continue the policies of red state subsidization while red states are voting for candidates who profess a desire to reduce federal spending (and presumably red state subsidization).

Proposition1 Water Bond. Funding for Water Quality, Supply, Koch should pay for the water he uses for Fracking – NO Brown Likes It I Hate It Brown loves Prison Industry and Bobby Jindal

Proposition2   State Budget. Budget Stabilization Account. NO

California General Election Familys back prop 47 abraham-lincoln-government-quotes-no-man-is-good-enough-to-govern-another-man 2014 JayZ_Prop 47 NOV 4