Belgian UN Peacekeepers “roasting” a Somali boy

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United Nazis Nations of Israel financed by US tax dollars and global slavery sex scandal
January 7, 2007 by shafi
“In 1997, a military court sentenced two Belgian paratroopers to a month in jail and a £200 fine for roasting a Somali boy over a brazier.

IRA Governments, Police, Life, and Death

Governments, Police, Life, and Death

Strangely Silent
One might expect the photographs and first-person accounts of such atrocities to arouse public indignation against the UN’s “planetary police,” just as the endlessly replayed videotape of the Rodney King arrest turned public opinion against the Los Angeles Police Department. Perhaps this is why the photographs have been all but invisible in the United States, and precious little media attention has been devoted to an examination of UN atrocities.
Village Voice reporter Jennifer Gould came across the accounts of the Belgian atrocities while doing an earlier story about sexual harassment of female employees at UN headquarters. “When I spoke with people at the UN, time after time I was told, ‘If you think it’s bad here, you ought to see what happens in peacekeeping operations,’” Gould told The New American. “I started looking into that issue and found that the abuses I reported were well-known and easily documented. They were all over the media abroad, and I was really surprised it hadn’t been written about over here.” – UN’s “planetary police,”

15 paratroopers were put on trial for other abuses during the U.N. mission, including torture, killings and the mock-execution of children. Most were acquitted. But the photographs, which came to light in the last two weeks after two former paratroopers came forward anonymously, bolster accusations that Belgian soldiers tortured and killed civilians during the mission.

15 paratroopers were put on trial for other abuses during the U.N. mission, including torture, killings and the mock-execution of children. Most were acquitted.
But the photographs, which came to light in the last two weeks after two former paratroopers came forward anonymously, bolster accusations that Belgian soldiers tortured and killed civilians during the mission.

350,000 Israelis Protest Their Goverment while 1:5 of OUR Congress (traitors) dan-gertler-is-getting-richer-but-congolese apeople-getting-poorer CruzKidsForCash1-860x1024 George_Stinney_mugshot hemp-healing-logo-307x205

Another Belgian soldier is reported to have forced a young Somali boy to eat pork, drink salt water and then eat his own vomit. Pictures also appeared in the 1990s of Italian soldiers abusing and raping a Somali girl…”

Michel Nihoul was a key figure in the Dutroux Affair.

According to a witness called Regina Louf, a girl called Veronique was tortured to death with a knife at an abuse party where Michel Nihoul was present.

The investigation into the death of Veronique was shut down in early 1997. READ MORE

Food, it was claimed, had been given out to teenage refugees by UN peacekeepers in return for sex…

Russian pilots who had paid young girls with jars of mayonnaise and jam to have sex with them…

Children as young as 12 were systematically forced to have sex with at least four Bangladeshi peacekeepers in the town of Juba, in south Sudan, for 18 months despite complaints…The Belgian royal family intermarried with Britain’s royal family in the 19th century. Israel and Switzerland

GET OUT Ferguson Gaza SUDAN CONGO Nigeria IRAQ Israel

GET OUT Ferguson Gaza SUDAN CONGO Nigeria IRAQ Israel

BRING THE TROOPS HOME—NOW. Itʼs time America stopped sending U.S. troops to faraway lands to die for na- tions that donʼt want us there. Bring our troops home now and save countless lives and unimaginable sums of money. Read More

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By Willis A. Carto e destroyed Iraq, which is now dys functional, after we “democratized” it. Then we destroyed Libya. Now we are destroying Syria. In the process, we helped create a new monster named “ISIS.” If it had not created itself, we most certainly would have in vented a new enemy to keep our warmongering industry thriving. What are we doing in Afghanistan, for example? Why does Obama have troops there? Could it be because of the multibilliondollar opium trade? Do “our” leaders get a rakeoff on heroin? Is the mob running our foreign policy? Heroin use in the U.S. rose 66% between 2007 and 2011. In Afghanistan addiction has grown tenfold since 2005. NATO’s war in Afghanistan started in 2001; heroin production has increased 40fold since. NATO forces managed to seize 41,000 kilograms out of 5.5 million kilograms produced in Afghanistan during this time. Since the U.S. foots most of NATO’s expenses, the U.S. tax READ MORE

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Belgian UN Peacekeepers “roasting” a Somali boy

Yes, Americans, you and I are the world’s greatest suckers. The military-industrial-banking complex has a good customer. They sell billions of dollars of tanks, ships, guns, trucks, subs, bombs, ammuni- tion, uniforms, shoes etc to the federal government, which always pays the bill. If not cash, there’s Roth- schild’s Federal Reserve, which will cheerfully loan all that’s needed. Just add it to the national debt, which is currently some 18 trillion bucks. READ MORE

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Ferguson Fracking

“America is a police state, and

the police are a class above us all.”

To me, that sounds more like Nazi Germany than the United States.

To Arms!
It’s a disturbing comparison. We like to think that we live in a free country where most police officers abide by their duty to serve and protect – and where our constitutional rights are truly upheld.

But the reality is that the Pentagon has been arming local police forces to the tune of half a billion dollars per year, according to The Washington Post… and as we saw in Ferguson, these local battalions aren’t afraid to flex their newfound muscle.


Specifically, the Defense Department’s excess property program “permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer, without charge, excess U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) personal property (supplies and equipment) to state and local law enforcement agencies.”

In total, the program has transferred $4.3 billion in equipment since its inception.

It’s disturbing that this arms transfer has gone (relatively) unnoticed until the Ferguson police decided to roll out like a full-blown infantry unit. But now that the nation sees what our friendly neighborhood police force really looks like, we need to ask ourselves: What’s the purpose?

There’s no reason for local law enforcement to have the same kind of firepower as the U.S. Army or Marines.

In the end, this trend won’t save lives or keep the peace. On the contrary, it’ll ensure that the police are capable of suppressing our most important rights, particularly in moments when we need them to protect and serve the most.

In Pursuit of the Truth,

Christopher Eutaw

Ferguson Children in trouble


Fracking Lawsuits

Up to 600 chemicals are used in fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxics. Dangerous chemicals used in fracking activities include:

Ethylene Glycol
Hydrochloric Acid


Common environmental

problems that can be caused

by fracking include the following:

Poisoned drinking water
Toxic sludge & waste
Polluted air
Mysterious animal deaths
Industrial Disasters
Common illnesses related to fracking:

Neurological damage
Sore throats
Difficulty breathing

Who is at Risk

People who live within the vicinity of drilling of natural gas have made reports of foul smells in their water. Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Arkansas are just some of the states Simmons Hanly Conroy is investigating cases where hydraulic fracturing may have been linked to contaminated water, air and illnesses.


Why Hitler and Hannity refer to People as Rats

Svengali The  person who exercises a controlling or mesmeric influence on another, especially for a sinister purpose.
Svengali The person who exercises a controlling or mesmeric influence on another, especially for a sinister purpose.
list of Army Religious extremist
scare republicans make money on fearscare republicans make money on fear
Why Hitler and Hannity refer to People as Rats
Sprit of Fox news Dallas and John F Kennedy _
“Think, Create and Collaborate, freedom and justice for all
Hitler compares the Jewish people to rats
Hannity O'Reilly Fox News rat
Why Hannity refers to people as Rats Fox News
Hannity Fox News
Hannity Fox News KOCH
”Why poor and middle class republicans vote against their own interests:

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket.

Hell, give him someone to look down on and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” Lyndon Johnson

Looking at the propaganda of the time they were compared to rats/parasites.- so that Germany had to ‘clean’ out the vermin ie sets up extermination. Look up Joseph Goebbels who was the propaganda minister. The “big lie” – telling people over and over again that the Jews were internal enemies of germany, had to be cleansed of them, etc. Some sources from the time maybe to look at: “The Jewish World Plague” Herman Esser and the film “The Eternal Jew” –> this is probably the most stark example of the rat thing. Supposodly so bad ppl ran out of theatres when it was originally shown.
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         2 Activities in Australia and New Zealand
                  2.1 Political activities in Australia
         3 Activities in the United Kingdom
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Political activities in the United States[edit]
McNight (2010) identifies four characteristics of his media operations: free market ideology; unified positions on matters of public policy; global editorial meetings; and opposition to a perceived liberal bias in other public media.
                  3.2 Political activities in United Kingdom
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Media bias is the bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. The term “media bias” implies a pervasive or widespread bias contravening the standards of journalism, rather than the perspective of an individual journalist or article. The direction and degree of media bias in various countries is widely disputed.

contravene |ˌkɒntrəˈviːn|
verb [ with obj. ]
offend against the prohibition or order of (a law, treaty, or code of conduct): he contravened the Official Secrets Act.
• conflict with (a right, principle, etc.), especially to its detriment: the Privy Council held that the prosecution contravened the rights of the individual.

1 Types of bias
2 Scholarly treatment of media bias in the United States and United Kingdom
3 Experimenter’s bias
4 Tools for measuring and evaluating media bias
5 Efforts to correct bias
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8 National and ethnic viewpoint
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Cliven Bundy NEVADA and GMAC DETROIT Annex Land (FREE On Tax Payers Dime )

Cliven Bundy NEVADA and GMAC DETROIT Annex Land (FREE On Tax Payers Dime )


Sanction considered:  FDA will not certify cattle ready for market Cliven Bundy o of Nevada Is special not equal; not appreciative of the 15 years free rent,

Convinced that his cause was right he called for support from the public, from the media and from local elected officials. He boldly stated that he would hold local and state law enforcement authorities accountable for any damage to livestock and property that may occur. More importantly Bundy vowed to do “whatever is necessary” to protect his rights and his property. It was clear to all that this was not just an idle threat. Bundy apparently fully meant what he said. Not wanting to see a livestock dispute turn to bloodshed, BLM officials backed down. They were right to do so and they should be commended for the wisdom of this decision.

BLM was immediately criticised l for not carrying out this legal operation. They immediately announced that they would be filing a lawsuit against the federal government in the matter. They seemed to be saying that the BLM should have stopped Bundy from ranching, whatever the cost. In short, they wanted law enforcement to honour Court Order to desist on federal land,

Organic Hemp Oil Now… Why Hemp Oil?

Therapeutic Uses of Organic Hemp Oil
Cardiovascular Diseases – Most of the cardiovascular diseases threatening the health of people around the world are caused by the formation of arterial plaque, i.e. the deposition of blood components on the interior walls of our blood vessels. This process may eventually block blood flow and cause arteriosclerosis and strokes. LDL cholesterol, a sticky substance present in the blood, has been identified as one of the main contributors to arterial plaque formation. Among other factors, such as smoking and stress, the intake of the saturated fatty acids present in animal fat is known to contribute to a high LDL level in the blood. Reversely, dietary treatment of patients with daily doses of linoleic acid and GLA which correspond roughly to four teaspoons of hemp oil, has shown to rapidly decrease elevated blood levels of both, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. Thus, the regular use of hemp oil may help reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.
Clean Water

Clean Water

PMS – PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, can include varying intensities of painful muscular tension, swelling of the breast, nervosity and irritability as well as aggressivity and depression. Investigations indicate that women with PMS suffer from a fatty acid metabolism disorder. The ability to convert linoleic acid into gamma-linolenic acid and subsequently into prostaglandins is disturbed. A daily dose of 1.37 grams linoleic acid and 156 milligrams GLA over a period of twelve weeks has been shown to significantly improve the PMS related symptoms in clinical studies. This dose corresponds to only one teaspoon of hemp oil a day. Rheumatoid Arthritis – Some fatty acids, including gamma-linolenic acid, are indicated as effective anti-inflammatory and immune system stimulating factors. Daily oral administration of 1.2-1.4 grams of GLA (corresponding to eight teaspoons of hemp oil) over a period of twelve weeks has been clinically proven to significantly alleviate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
Other Diseases – A number of clinical studies suggest administration of GLA as preventive measure and as a treatment for multiple sclerosis, schizophrenic psychosis, and cancer. Multiple sclerosis occurs more frequently in geographical regions where the diet includes high amounts of saturated fats. Dietary supplementation of unsaturated fatty acids may have a positive effect on the course of the disease. In patients with schizophrenic psychosis disturbances are found in the fatty acid metabolism which might be treated through administration of essential fatty acids. Cancer treatment may be assisted by administration of linoleic acid and GLA. Cancer tissue and cells have lower contents of GLA and other related metabolites compared to healthy tissue. Linoleic acid enhances die-off of cancer cells, an administration of this essential fatty acid might therefore prove to have positive effects.
Health and NutritionImage
A variety of health problems including heart disease, obesity, and certain cancers have been blamed on fats and oils. Most of these conditions can be attributed to an unhealthy lifestyle with excess dietary intake of improper types of fat. Health specialists recommend that fat consumption be limited to no more than 30 percent of the total calorie intake. However, fats are not only a source of energy, but also the source of two unsaturated, so-called essential fatty acids. They need to be included in the diet because they cannot be produced by the human body.