ADL operatives Control ‘The Rally Against Racism and Fascism’ Australia Pakistan

US ADL Regional Offices Monsanto HQ Ferguson Missouri

US ADL Regional Offices Monsanto HQ Ferguson Missouri

The”neo-con” movement in the U.S. is largely composed of ADL operatives and, in turn, is a crucial arm of “private” U.S. intelligence operations. The govern­ment-funded, but privately-run “Project Democracy” which oversaw Oliver North’s Iran-Contra affair, is a case in point: Project Democracy’s head Carl Gershman, a former opera­tive of the ADL’s Fact Finding Division, now oversees the $30 million a year operation which, in his own words, will “do the kinds of things the CIA used to do, but no longer can.” FROM

In Australia now, the anti-Islamic Australian Defence League is trying to expand its support base, particularly through social media. The rise of cities has brought people side by side with people from different backgrounds. That’s true all around the world.
In brief, on Sunday approximately 20 or 30 members and supporters of the ‘Australian Defence League’ (ADL) gathered at midday at Federation Square. Gathering in opposition were perhaps 1 or 200 or so anti-racists. For about an hour the anti-racists–gathered under the umbrella of ‘The Rally Against Racism and Fascism’–listened to a number of speeches, a man singing about how we are all brothers, and the screams and shouts of the ADL.
In 2001, more Hispanics received sentences for crimes relating to powder cocaine than any other ethnicity while more African Americans were convicted of crimes relating to crack cocaine in the United States.[106]

In 2001, more Hispanics received sentences for crimes relating to powder cocaine than any other ethnicity while more African Americans were convicted of crimes relating to crack cocaine in the United States.[106]

The theme of the ADL action was an appeal to Islamophobia, focussing on the utterly baseless claim that Muslims in Australia are set on imposing Sharia law, though some of the participants seemed most upset by what they apparently perceived as a conspiracy to force them to eat Halal meat. Initially the placards on display reflected these messages, with texts such as ‘70% Halal meat at Coles’ and ‘Domino’s is Halal, so is Subway’, and disclaiming racism – ‘Islam is not a race, so how can I be racist?’, but towards the very end another pack of placards was unveiled, one of which is shown on the accompanying photo. One of the ADL supporters also briefly unfurled a banner he had until then kept wrapped up in plastic; one of the organisers swiftly directed him to put it away, which he did, though not willingly, to judge from his expression.
Backgrounder:The Jewish Defence League
About the Jewish Defense League:In their own wordsIrv Rubin — Chairman of the Jewish Defense LeagueAfter the attack on the Jewish community center in Los Angeles:

      “Those kids at that community center were sitting ducks. We have to realize as Jews that this is going to happen again and again until we learn to defend ourselves, and the only way to defend yourself is to fire back.”

The Sacramento Bee, August 14, 1999On training camps in the Catskills:
“We teach young people to have a sane fist attached to a sane head, not to advocate this nebbish posture people seem to think is so popular.”

“A lot of energy, and ideology classes will create an authentic Jew. A Jew who will know how to act when all Jews are in trouble.”
The Times Herald-Record, June, 28, 1998

On Jewish extremists in the United States:
“Violence in self-defense is absolutely justifiable.”
Los Angeles Times, November 9, 1995

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ADL Synonyms

ADL Synonyms

Jewish Terrorist groups ADL JDL EDL AIPAC

Introduction This booklet documents the background and criminal activities of Jewish Zionist terrorist groups, and especially the Jewish Defense League now called Anti Discrimination league (ADL). Particular emphasis is given here to terror — including murder — against “thought criminals”


In 1914, Dr. Christopher Koch of Pennsylvania’s State Pharmacy Board made the racial innuendo explicit, testifying that, “Most of the attacks upon the white women of the South are the direct result of a cocaine-crazed Negro brain.” Mass media manufactured an epidemic of cocaine use among African Americans in the Southern United States to play upon racial prejudices of the era, though there is little evidence that such an epidemic actually took place. In the same year, the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act outlawed the sale and distribution of cocaine in the United States. This law incorrectly referred to cocaine as a narcotic, and the misclassification passed into popular culture. As stated above, cocaine is a stimulant, not a narcotic. Although technically illegal for purposes of distribution and use, the distribution, sale and use of cocaine was still legal for registered companies and individuals. Because of the misclassification of cocaine as a narcotic, the debate is still open on whether the government actually enforced these laws strictly. Cocaine was not considered a controlled substance in the United States until 1970, when it was listed in the Controlled Substances Act. Until that point, the use of cocaine was open and rarely prosecuted in the US due to the moral and physical debates commonly discussed.

Apartheid Israeli

Apartheid Segregation Occupation Gaza India

Apartheid Israel


Israeli officials acknowledged that the motives were not entirely altruistic. Jewish settlers have raised objections to Palestinians being on board buses that enter their communities, fearing attacks. West Bank settlers last year petitioned the army to sign an order banning Palestinians from riding buses servicing West Bank settlers.

He said settlers often complain when Palestinians enter their buses. Palestinians can be blocked from boarding, kicked off or subject to verbal abuse once on board, he said. ‘Riding with settlers is humiliating, and involves a lot of suffering,’ Hamdan said.

In one instance, Hamdan said a female Jewish settler tried to order him off a bus that had come from the large Israeli settlement of Ariel but the bus driver refused to stop. He said his friends have had to walk 10 kilometres, or six miles, after being kicked off Israeli buses.

‘The new bus line is better, because we won’t have to go through all of this,’ he said, adding that the buses were a cheaper alternative to the private minivans that shuttle Palestinians to work inside Israel. A bus ticket costs anywhere from US$1 to US$3, compared to US$6 demanded by the private drivers.

Hosni Hanash, a 45-year-old construction worker from the village of Zeita, said he generally sets out from his village at 03h45 each morning, arrives in a taxi at the Eyal checkpoint at 04h30, and then spends an hour crossing through Eyal before heading in a private van to a full day of construction work.

He said the separation that began Monday relieved some of the stress of the long morning journey. ‘We are comfortable being by ourselves,’ he said.

Conspiracy at LOWNDES HIGH SCHOOL #Racebaiting #Valdosta GBI Sheriff [Suspect ] Impregnates Own Daughter; Lynches Kendrick Johnson kendrick kj johnson @jazzygul @attorneycrump

Kendrick’s lifeless body was found on January 11, 2013 in a rolled up gym mat in his HS in Valdosta, GA


#Racebaiting #Valdosta GBI Sheriff [Suspect ] Impregnates Own Daughter; Lynches Kendrick Johnson

lowndes county sheriff dept Valdosta WhenIwasBlack  I could fly.

Let Democracy win for bi-partisan reasons.  While first graders get suspended for making a finger gun at Westside Park Elementary School in Adelanto CA.  Sadly, Kendrick Johnson – was found stuffed in a gym matt by Haters and there have been no arrest for his lynching. A photo taken after the autopsy showed that the  once-healthy happy child, now barely recognisable.

Pieplow sprinted across the room. When he pushed the mats onto their sides, a black male’s body from the waist up tumbled out of one of them, along with blood and dreadlocks, teeth and vomit. Pieplow backed away. Another coach told the students to leave the gym. Someone — several people — called 911.

All the evidence is missing and/or tampered with.. The paramedics called it a crime scene. The only thing left is a video with disappearing and appearing, out of nowhere  people. Have not heard of any classmates speaking out one way or the other.

While, the mats were near a wall, but still easily within view and earshot of center court. People using the gym that day would have heard him. How could they? He was killed [by the sheriff for dating his impregnated pregnant daughter] and stuffed into a matt; hair and dreads thrown in on top of him.

Caught with his back turned and shoes off; his shoes were tossed in after him after being bludgeoned to death at school? Somewhere between Macon and Valdosta, Kendrick’s clothes disappeared.

kendrick johnson bludgeoned to death at school

kendrick johnson bludgeoned to death at school


The edited tape, the coroners taking his organs, someone cutting his fingernails after the murder, his shoes being off and placed under him and also blood (At a School)  overlooked as well as clothes left around along with extra shoes and blood evidence ignored. the members of the sheriffs department that are covering up what happened need to be tried as accomplices in the murder…obviously.

By: Anonymous :  [It don’t matter bout the pics. What matters is this boy is died n his death was a damn murder. No I am not racist n I AM white but this poor boy was most likely murdered by some rich ass white boys n they are hiding the true facts.. Due to the race. Cause best believe if they thought it was a black kid, the police would have been locked him/them up.. Fuck a pic.. What bout a child’s innocent life?? Y’all get y’all shit messed up frfr. What if this was your child?? #TeamKJ #Justice #InnocentKid]

#KJMovement  ‏@Dreamdenders