The Steve Scalise story you’re not getting

Scalise,Eric Cantor Foreign Right Wing “Conservative” policymakers, exclusively prescribe policy, by using Divide-To-Conquer strategy. In Rwanda The French used media to create a taller High Class and short, low class; Slaver’s Goal: Free resources, including, water (fracking), control of seeds, soil land (illegal foreclosures Detroit/Probate laws, Kids in military; Foreign soldiers trained by IDF /ADL/BP etc. Acronyms; Rockefeller (BP) ;Bill Gates Feed the children, ‘Still Starving’ I pay more tax than Rockefeller. Then subsidies to BP Monsanto Big Tobacco etc., rest in hands of The Rockefeller’s off shore w/ HQ., Ferguson St. Louis MO, Monsanto, Common Core./British Petroleum , and all other presents media promote conflict. If we could all just get slog or stay away from those you hate we could all distribute the 800 Billion Dollars in 2015 US BLUE STATE TAX Benefits DOD funding for WAR. The US funds Israel 800 Million Dollars a day worth of My tax Money, Israel then uses that money to buy my government and call me names; then buys men/women to represent /American Representatives with my tax money. Takes the rest and teach children that guns, not books, are their friends. Red States don’t have enough people to pay tax, blue states pay tax. Red States population numbers representative of the US Prison Inmates, Inmates are counted, but do not vote. I can get along with all the people that I see everyday, I already do; therefore now as taxpayers, like me, are rich with 800 Billion Dollars DOD budget, together we could close those prison that profit from inmates, working middle class-jobs for free. ADL/Mercenary Global COPS Funding: COPS AWARDS POLICE TRAINING GRANT TO ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE / U.S. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM PROGRAM
Emancipation Proclamation Coke-Koch Industries
We Have To Save the World from KOCH. Warned by the smell of gas, two teenagers drove their truck toward the nearest payphone to call for help, but they never made it. Sparks from their truck ignited the gas cloud and the two burned alive . What does Koch want from America? With a $100 billion and operations ranging from oil pipelines and refining to paper products (it owns Georgia-Pacific), synthetic fibers (it bought Lyrca and Stainmaster producer Invista from DuPont), chemicals, mining and cattle ranching. “For six decades around the world, Koch Industries has blazed a path to riches—in part, by making illicit payments to win contracts, trading with a terrorist state, fixing prices, neglecting safety and ignoring environmental regulations. At the same time, Charles and David Koch have promoted a form of government that interferes less with company actions.”
What Bloomberg revealed for the first time were the allegations involving bribery and dealing with Iran. The article reported that the company’s subsidiary Koch-Glitsch paid bribes to secure contracts in six countries (Algeria, Egypt, India, Morocco, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia) and that it violated U.S. sanctions by doing business with Iran, including the sale of materials that helped the country build the world’s largest plant to convert natural gas to methanol used in plastics, paints and chemicals. SEE The environmental cases alluded to by Bloomberg previously reported and included the following. ‪

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Once again, journalists miss the big picture

As you may or may not have heard, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La), House Majority Whip since August, spoke in front of some bad people back in 2002. The story was broken at a (mostly) Louisiana political blog, CenLamar, by blogger Lamar White, Jr. Steve Scalise reportedly had spoken in front of a conference held by an organization founded by none other than ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and Louisiana political darling (sorry, Louisiana, but you wet your own nest, so the stink sticks), David Duke.

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