#BarackObama #Ferguson Occupational Defence League (#ODL) #DarrenWilson Testimony Declares #MikeBrown’s #HandsUp at time of Execution

“With his hands up. At that point I just went like this, I tried to pull the trigger again, click, nothing happened”

Officer Darren Wilson trained by Mossad Clearly states that Michael Brown's (#ferguson) St Louis Missouri

Officer Darren Wilson trained by Mossad Clearly states that Michael Brown’s  hands were held up at executionTime  (#ferguson) St Louis Missouri

Would Society Be Better Off If There Were No Police?

For Ferguson Occupational Defence League St Louis Missouri United States against the Frankenstein Effect courted by Darren Wilson and False Flag



The role of law enforcement used to be pretty clearly understood from the perspective of the public they were entrusted to protect, the criminals who tried to hide from them and the public servants themselves. Growing up, police officers were admired and respected and could more or less be counted on in times of danger. It was common advice given out to children not too long ago if they were lost to “find a police officer”. The understanding was that a police officer would know what to do and take care of you or the situation in some way appropriate to the time. Not that they were baby sitters, but that these officers held a trust with the public that was based on mutual respect, the responsibility of their job and to some extent, dependence on one another for a peaceful coexistence.

Flash forward to today and…

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