Familys back prop 47

The 13th Amendment was an Executive Order (EO) Prop47 enforceable by military.

Where ever their is unrest, all around the globe, there is #Monsanto. #GMO chemical corp pretend not to understand that their practices kill kids all over the world. In the same way rebelling in breaking out, #GAZA, #Chicago #China, #Syria, #Iraq,#Afghanistan #Somalia, #Detroit. One thing different and important about ferguson is they have pride, self esteem, no divide 2 conquer, in the mix. Then the people of #Ferguson are united,as one,for their kids, also united, as one. So their is no,not even an imagined one, ‘gang’ element. Also, the Ferguson population and their children are very well spoken, which unfortunately, makes them a red neck target, as was Martin Luther King. The cops look like little kids with guns and must learn one way or another to keep their hands to themselves.

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