High on Hemp

It’s a myth that alternative fuels are years away.
We’re in production. We have partnerships with Pacific Biodiesel Texas and Pacific Biodiesel, and we are doing community production of biodiesel. And our intent is to keep them community [based] and then promote that idea where each community … can and should create their own fuel, and let that be the market for the community.
~ Annie Nelson, wife of Willie Nelson
co-chairperson of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance
Joshua Scheer interview AlterNet February 06, 2007
“When a food is discovered that is a rich source of several essential nutrients, such as hemp seed, it makes nutrition news.”
~ Nancy Ross Ryan,
Chicago Tribune July 27, 2000
“Hemp is environmentally friendly crop that doesn’t require massive applications of fertizilers and pesticides to thrive. It doesn’t deplete the land and grows under adverse conditions. Virtually every other country in the world allows its cultivation and are developing its industrial uses which include the extraction of oils for food to the making of bricks for low cost housing. This is the crop that could save the family farm in America.”
~ David Monson,
farmer, school superintendent and N.D. state legislator
“American farmers are unable to compete in the free world market due to unfair DEA laws prohibiting hemp cultivation. The U.S. is almost the only developed nation that doesn’t allow its farmers to grow hemp.”
~ Stan White,
AP Story Proves Value of Hemp Farming
Summit Daily News January 21, 2007 USA
“The last thing law-enforcement people need is for the cultivation of marijuana-looking plants to spread. Are we going to ask them to go through row by row, field by field, to distinguish between legal hemp and marijuana?”
~ Tom Riley,
White House Office on National Drug Control Policy
Seems it’s a very high priority for D.E.A.th to keep hemp illegal.
Statistics look better mixing the two together.
Saving our kids from nutrition and stronger fibers.
Eradicated Marijuana Is 98 Percent Hemp Ditchweed
Only drug worrier zealot DEAth Merchant Tom Riley idiots,
would pollinate $400.00 oz kyndbud into burlap…[/i]