KOCH IS ADF-NALU Mbusa Nyamwisi Tabliq UMLA #PrisonIndustry ADM #TCOT #GOP #TEAPARTY #AFP #ALEC #Somethng4NothingGOP Divide 2 Conquer Causation

How Koch Controls the population with chemicals is how he controls
Medicinal Plants

Kinds of Drugs:

a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body:

KOCH IS ADF-NALU Mbusa Nyamwisi Tabliq UMLA #PrisonIndustry ADM #TCOT #GOP #TEAPARTY #AFP #ALEC #Somethng4NothingGOP Divide 2 Conquer Causation

There is Iran-Contra, in which Ronald Reagan had his underlings steal T.O.W. missiles and missile launchers from the Pentagon warehouses, sell them illegally to Iran, take the black money paid by Ayatollah Khomeini to Reagan and launder it through Swiss accounts, and send it to right wing death squads in Nicaragua trying to overthrow the left leaning Sandinista government. The Right wing beatified Reagan and named an airport after him, and nobody ever brings up Iran-Contra any more. Rupert Murdoch made Oliver North, one of the conspirators who shredded the US constitution, a millionaire by putting him on television to tell us war fairy tales.

Agrium slides after selling turf and ornamental division to Koch for $85 mln
Agrium Inc. (TSE:AGU), the largest seller of farm products, retreated to the lowest in nearly three months after saying it will sell its turf and ornamental business to Koch Agronomic Services, an affiliate of Koch Fertilizer LLC, for $85 million including working capital.

The pH⁵ balance has become acidic in your oceans threatening the integrity and existence of sea life on a global scale.

Tribal and civil warfare will breakout globally as water supplies drastically decline. Nuclear proliferation during World War III exacerbates the exponential decline of fresh water supplies in most regions of your planet except in the New World.

The pH⁵ balance has become acidic in your oceans threatening the integrity and existence of sea life on a global scale.
The northern new world government legislated the arcane navigable waters act allowing companies to compromise the environment without consequence. Tribal and civil warfare will breakout globally as water supplies drastically decline. Nuclear proliferation during World War III exacerbates the exponential decline of fresh water supplies in most regions of your planet except in the New World. As global water supplies dwindle the invasion of the New World is advanced to secure valuable food and water supplies.
laws allowing for taxpayers dollars to be spent on the cleanup of these disastrous spills. Oil refineries that process dirty toxic tar sand oil or liquid coal produce an inordinate amount of petroleum coke. petroleum coke or pet coke and is exported to third world countries. liquid coal (tar sand oil) These two industries provide the one / two punch destroying a high percentage of fresh water around the planet. Fracking destroys ground water underneath the surface introducing dangerous chemicals used in the injection process and allowing methane gas to merge with it.

The mining industry has the distinction of destroying surface waterways from toxic spills caused by liquid coal pipeline leaks or compromised tailings ponds that flush their contents into pristine lakes and rivers. Both industries use an inordinate amount of fresh water and turn it into a highly toxic poisonous mixture of heavy metals containing carcinogenic elements that blend into the food chain.

They promote their products as precious commodities and in the process destroy the priceless elixir of life clean water. When liquid coal (tar sand oil) is refined a high carbon by product known as petroleum coke is produced. It has a distinctive odour that is unmistakable and as this pile of waste produces dust storm particulates moving freely subject to wind direction.

It is attracted to nasal passages and collects on lawns, outdoor furniture, windows of homes and schools in proximity to these process dumps. Liquid coal (tar sand oil) mining and processing proliferates the highest carbon footprint on the planet producing emissions that literally choke animals and humans in heavily populated regions. Fracking has additional benefits in that it releases a steady stream of methane gases into the environment in addition to causing earthquakes³. The earthquakes are the result of resettling of the space created by fracking in affected areas and soon will awaken sleeping giants. Whatever area of the world the One Eyed oil & gas Cyclops sets to frack or mine they require more fresh water than the Earth is capable of giving.

Jewish African American relationship Israel Apartheid

Jewish African American relationship Israel Apartheid

Black History Facts are relevant to survival of Black Children in the Classroom. The African diaspora was the movement of Africans and their descendants to places throughout the world by force. There they met those Africans who first set foot in the continent of America during or round about the age of the Egyptian Dynasties (btw 3100-2100 BC). “Strange Fruit” weaves together the lives of American Africans and immigrant Jews.

Jewish African American relationship Israel Apartheid
FOX NEWS’ ONE PERCENT Prison Industry V Hemp Industry
fox news  Rupert Murdoch–Zionist, Jew, ADL, Israel, 911, Schooling …
Is Rupert Murdoch’s Jewish Ancestors vis a vis David Irving … of both organizations, the ADL and Fox News, is an Australian-born Zionist named Keith Rupert Murdoch. … Keith Rupert was born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 11, 1931.
KOCH Peterson Rockefeller Scaife and their THINK TANKS Items appearing in this KOCH Peterson Rockefeller Scaife and their THINK TANKS relationship map: American Friends of Bilderberg Aspen Institute Candace K. Beineck Lloyd C. Blankfein Michael R. Bloomberg Russell L. Carson Castle Rock Foundation Cato Institute Kenneth I. Chenault Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation DeutscheBank Thomas E. Donilon Economic Club of NewYork Federalist Society Victor F. Ganzi Giving Pledge Maurice R. Greenberg Heritage Foundation James A. Johnson Vernon E. JordaJr.  Henry A. Kissinger Charles G.Koch David H.Koch Koch Industries Frank J. Macchiarola Manhattan Institute for Policy ResearchEdwinMeeseIII Thomas G. Moore K. Rupert Murdoch NationalSeptember 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center Partnership for New York City Richard N. Perle Peterson Institute for International Economics Peter G. Peterson Charles O. PrinceIII Reason Foundation David RockefellerJr. David Rockefeller David M. Rubenstein Sarah Scaife FoundationThomasA. SaundersIII  Richard Mellon Scaife Searle Freedom TrustLarry A. Silverstein Jerry I. SpeyerStarr Foundation Lawrence H. SummersPaulA. Volcker John C. Whitehead James D. Wolfensohn Kathryn S. Wylde
United we Negotiate; Divided We Beg
United we Negotiate; Divided We Beg
State Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead calls #MIKEPENCE Pence a rising star of the party who might become a presidential contender in 2016. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be in Alabama in June.
Justices Scalia And Thomas's Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate
Justices Scalia And Thomas’s Attendance At Koch Event Sparks Judicial Ethics Debate
Tom Price
Superintendent at Hobby Lobby
Daytona Beach, Florida
News for mike pence
Muncie Voice
Gov. Mike Pence: HIP 2.0 helps fix a broken system
Indianapolis Star ‎- 3 days ago
Medicaid is not a program we need to expand. It is a program we need to change.
Gov. Mike Pence: HIP 2.0 a better alternative for health care
Muncie Star Press‎ – 1 day ago
Mike Pence submits request for Medicaid alternative
Washington Examiner‎ – 2 days ago
Project Manager
Hobby Lobby
August 2009 – Present (5 years)
Ground up tilt wall buildings
Project Manager
KDA Holdings
July 2007 – August 2009 (2 years 2 months)
Ground up and site work on financial buildings
Fisher Development, Inc.Superintendent
Fisher Development, Inc.
May 2006 – July 2007 (1 year 3 months)
Alex A. Beehler current relationships:
FaegreBD Consulting – senior adviser
Imagine Schools – director, nonprofit arm
Alex A. Beehler past relationships:
Koch Industries – environmental and regulatory affairs director
U.S. Department of Defense – assistant deputy
U.S. Department of Justice – senior trial attorney
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – special assistant
Additional Muckety map information sources:
U.S. Department of Defense
COKE US MILITARY CIA Interventions Since World War II
COKE US MILITARY CIA Interventions Since World War II
Paul D. Clement   
Areas of interest: politics & government
Clement resigned from King & Spalding in 2011 over the firm’s decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act on behalf of the House of Representatives.
Other current Paul D. Clement relationships:
Bancroft PLLC – partner
Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. – attorney
Paul D. Clement past relationships:
King & Spalding LLP – partner
National Basketball Association – attorney
National Football League – attorney
Obamacare – attorney for states opposing
same-sex marriage – attorney for House Republicans opposing
Antonin Scalia – clerk
U.S. Department of Justice – solicitor general
Additional Muckety map information sources:
Politico ; U.S. Department of Justice
EXPOSING ALEC – ALEC Relationships and Update 4
Daily Kos
relationship between … Also it links to Hannity, Fox News and of more concern, to Blackwater (now XE) corporation, … all of these maps and relationships are family names; Koch, Scaife , … Michigan, Indiana, Florida, Maine, Arizona, Texas and many more, …
KOCH IS ADF-NALU Mbusa Nyamwisi Tabliq UMLA #PrisonIndustry ADM #TCOT #GOP #TEAPARTY #AFP #ALEC  ISIS ISIL  BokoHaram #Somethng4NothingGOP
Other current Paul D. Clement relationships:
Bancroft PLLC – partner
Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. – attorney
Paul D. Clement past relationships:
King & Spalding LLP – partner
National Basketball Association – attorney
National Football League – attorney
Obamacare – attorney for states opposing
same-sex marriage – attorney for House Republicans opposing
Antonin Scalia – clerk
U.S. Department of Justice – solicitor general
Additional Muckety map information sources:
Politico ; U.S. Department of Justice
Science is true whether you believe in it or not
‘Some myths deserve to be broken apart out of respect for the human intellect.’
‘Enlightened Religious People Don’t Use The Bible As A Textbook’
‘There is no shame in admitting you do not know something, the real shame is pretending to know everything.’
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Haley Barbour
Thomas A. Coburn
Debbie DeMint
DeMint Group
James W. DeMint
Ann Edwards
Nikki Haley
Heritage Foundation
Bobby Jindal
Koch Industries
Koch Industries annual conference
Mike Pence
Tom Price
View Tom Price’s professional profile on LinkedIn. … Tom Price. Superintendent at Hobby Lobby. Location: Daytona Beach, Florida Area; Industry: Construction
Paul Ryan
Antonin Scalia
South Carolina Women for Mitt
Clarence Thomas
U.S. House of Representatives – former members – DKoch Congo MercatusProject Manager
Hobby Lobby
August 2009 – Present (5 years)
Ground up tilt wall buildings
Project Manager
KDA Holdings
July 2007 – August 2009 (2 years 2 months)
Ground up and site work on financial buildings
Fisher Development, Inc.Superintendent
Fisher Development, Inc.
May 2006 – July 2007 (1 year 3 months)
Divide 2 Conquer Causation
“The future of this country is up to the Congolese people,” said Clinton. “The choices as to what direction you go are truly yours to make.
“For example, the country has an extremely rich reservoir of natural resources,” she continued.
“Right now, the benefits from those resources are not ending up broadly developing the country. They are either being taken out of the country by KOCH, by any fictitious name above or more, or they are ending up in the hands of a very few people. There are models for what has worked elsewhere. The model that Botswana used when it discovered diamonds–it made sure there was a trust fund created for the country so that all of the money didn’t leave the country. In order to let a company like De Beers exploit their diamonds, they said we want to own 20 percent of the company.
And as a result, if you go to Botswana, you see good roads, you see clean water, because the people and their leaders said we’re not going to be exploited and we’re not going to let the benefits end up in a very few hands.”
Brett Schaefer, a fellow in International Regulatory Affairs at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said of Clinton’s statement: “Her phrasing was extremely clumsy.”
 “I think it’s probably a mistake to urge the government to have a control, or a controlling stake, in these types of industries because government historically, especially in Africa, has been particularly prone to corruption and mismanagement,” said Schaefer.
Further Koch by any name able or more
“I think we should be really careful about recommendations like that because we’re assuming that that government will be a good manager and a transparent manager, and an accountable manager–the way the Botswanan government has been,” said Boudreaux.
Botswana has indeed been successful in the diamond industry, said Karol Boudreaux, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and the head of that organization’s Enterprise Africa! project. Boudreaux noted, however, that while Botswana has had success in the diamond industry, it history and political culture also makes its distinct from other African nations.
KOCH MOLEX US Chamber of Commerce Supported Slave Labor in Congo – Now Wants US Immigrant Wage Slaves
Congo has great natural resources and by conventional accounts should be rich. But it’s not; the riches are extracted and go elsewhere. Its col-tan provides vital ore for making electronic components. Col-tan, the ore, is refined in Germany and the United States (Bayer’s H.C. Starck unit has a tantalum refinery here in Massachusetts) and used in making the capacitors found in computers, cell phones, and many other devices. Even China’s sweatshop economy is heavenly compared to Congo’s.
And that brings us to the Congo Scenario. The Koch brothers are calling the shots now; the Republican Party is dancing to their tune. But they’re not alone. The Bush-Cheney-Rove regime was also little more than a front for the oil and coal industry, and extractives in general.
What does Koch Industries need from a country? They are in the oil refining business, of course; that’s how Fred Koch started the company and made the first small fortune. We learn from a recent diary, Meet the Kochers, by nekkidtruth, that Fred Koch developed a new oil refining process in the 1920s. But he couldn’t use it here because he lost patent fights over it. Now that means that one of two things is probably true. One is that he didn’t really invent it and it infringed; the other is that the patent system was corrupt. I’ll give the old man benefit of the doubt and assume the latter. So Koch went to Soviet Russia and sold his refineries to Papa Joe Stalin. Yep, the original fortune came from the USSR. As part of the First Five-Year Plan. When the USSR was still undeveloped, uneducated, and of course run by an iron-fisted despot. Amazing hypocrisy for a Bircher!
Oil drilling and refining, coal mining, paper mills (Koch owns Georgia-Pacific). These industries do not need a large, educated work force. They could use some cheap labor, though. So they want to get rid of unions. They want to get rid of high-quality public schooling, too, since it costs tax money and the few highly-skilled people they need could come from private schools (the upper class).
Koch’s America, the teabaggers’ America, the Republicans’ America, is not like the America we have known and loved in the past. It’s more like the Congo, a violent (gun fetish), superstitious (fundamentalism), impoverished place where a wealthy few can make money from the natural resources. That’s the crossroads we’re at now. Will it be a more equal, educated, first world America like the one we used to have, or will it be just a bigger Congo?
Alex Beehler
Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environment, Safety & Occupational Health)
Washington D.C. Metro AreaEnvironmental Services
United States Department of Defense
Koch Industries
University of Virginia School of Law
connectionsSend Alex InMailMore options
Contact Info
Mr. Beehler maintains a strong background in federal environmental policy having served in the Department of Justice as a senior trial attorney for environmental enforcement and at the Environmental Protection Agency as a special assistant for legal and enforcement counsel.
Specialties:Cleanup at active and closing bases, compliance with environmental laws, conservation of natural and cultural resources, pollution prevention, environmental technology, fire protection, safety and explosive safety, and pest management and disease control for Defense activities worldwide.
United States Department of DefenseAssistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environment, Safety & Occupational Health)
United States Department of Defense
January 2004 – Present (10 years 7 months)
Mr. Beehler serves as the principal assistant and advisor to Deputy Under Secretary Grone for all environmental, safety, and occupational health policies and programs in DoD. Those programs include cleanup at active and closing bases, compliance with environmental laws, conservation of natural and cultural resources, pollution prevention, environmental technology, fire protection, safety and explosive safety, and pest management and disease control for Defense activities worldwide. He also advises Mr. Arny on international military agreements and programs pertaining to environmental security.
Mr. Beehler’s priorities includes the implementation of DoD’s environmental readiness initiative in response to challenges of encroachment, the Defense Environmental Restoration Program, unexploded ordnance management, explosive safety, and pollution prevention.
Koch IndustriesDirector, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs (Koch Industries)
Koch Industries
2000 – 2003 (3 years)
Vice President, Environmental Programs (Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation) and Director, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs (Koch Industries)
• Direct development and implementation of strategic planning for environmental issues (Koch Industries) and for funding of environmental causes (Charles G. Koch Foundation)
University of Virginia School of Law
University of Virginia School of Law
J.D./L.L.B., International Law
1975 – 1978
Activities and Societies: Member of the Bar: District of Columbia; U.S. District Court, District of Columbia; U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia; U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit; State of Maryland; Commonwealth of Virginia Environmental Law Institute: Member, U.S. Department of Interior, Federal Advisory Committee on Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Advisory Committee (2005-2007)
Princeton University
Princeton University
Bachelor’s, public and international affairs
1972 – 1975
Activities and Societies: Woodrow Wilson School Scholar; Rhodes Scholar Semi-Finalist.
Additional Info
cleanup at active and closing bases, compliance with environmental laws, conservation of natural and cultural resources, pollution prevention, environmental technology, fire protection, safety and explosive safety, and pest management and disease control for Defense activities worldwide, the implementation of DoD’s environmental readiness initiative in response to challenges of encroachment, the Defense Environmental Restoration Program, unexploded ordnance management, explosive safety, and pollution prevention.
Additional Organizations
Mr. Beehler is a member of the District of Columbia, State of Maryland and Commonwealth of Virginia bar associations.
Congo,Energy,Inequality,Koch,Labor,Mining Oil
ADF-NALU Nyamwisi
Type in a company name or stock ticker to access a Performance Scorecard. The data presented in …. Halliburton Company. Energy Services & …. Molex Inc. Technology: Hard
Lufkin Industries, inc. Molex Inc. Rockwell Collins, Inc. TJ International. (acquired by WHX Corporation) … (acquired by Halliburton Co.) The Gillette Co. Sara Lee …
Visiontron – CrowdControlWarehouse.com‎
UN retreat in Turin – Inner City Press — Investigative …
Inner City Press
… journalist Rami George Khouri, Kathy Bushkin Calvin of the UN Foundation. … be there — will the recent strike by UN national staff in the Congo be discussed?
Visiontron Retracta-Belt Barriers an
Contraception for the 215 Million Women Who Want It
Apr 3, 2012 – Kathy (Bushkin) Calvin is the Chief Executive Officer of the United Nations Foundation. This piece was published by the Bill and Melinda Gates …
United Nations – The New York Times
The New York Times
Jun 22, 2014 – United Nations officials demand halt to the expulsion of tens of thousands of citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo from the neighboring …

ALEC strategist, pen laws to afford the basis for labeling children criminals.

 Business concept 

How Hemp Became Discredited
In the 1930’s, William Randolph Hearst, Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon, the Rockefellers, and other “oil barons” who were developing petroleum-based empires, were all intent to eliminate the industries of renewable resources, hemp, and biomass fuels.
Hearst, one of the most renown journalists even, used his newspapers to use the word “marijuana” to hemp, as it would make hemp seem more illicit. The fear of tactics such as those by the most influential tycoons of that era led to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which was the precursor to the demise of the hemp industry in the United States (ybiofuels.org).

Republican right-wing terrorist exhibit none different than rants portrayed by Boko Haram who used religion to offend 300 student-girls in Nigeria. They do it now I say it.

Republicans, who like Bobby Jindahl makes a living from building prisons,; teaching kids in schools to come to those prisons, are terrorist who take children for profit, in US maxed out prison-industry.

ALEC strategist, pen laws to afford the basis for labeling children criminals. Republicans call foul when a child is born birth defected by Koch Industry Chemical, whether introduced in war or by friendly fire, at home, for power-profit.

Republicans, content on hiding in the shadows of corporations remain insistent to pointing it’s middle finger toward masses as primal effort to divide and conquer.

Evangelistic terrorism is the Republican tool of choice. The image of the Republican Jesus/Isis, a hand reaching out for something for nothing, while children of this world yearn for an education, any escape from human boredom, which kills.

Even a joint, an opportunity to chill, a desire to meet any one of basic human needs is punished with Systemic bias of prison industry induction. The reality that one joint will destroy a future is, in it self, a criminal act propagated by terrorism.

Although Bill Gates (and Rockefellers), using his acclaim, after never graduating any college is conspiring world wide to poison land, water and soil with GMO and the forcing of vaccinations on children who have no clean water to drink, is terroism.

Hemp will open the innovation locked inside the human soul, that leads to the knowledge that the Pyramids were built with hemp, rather than seizing opportunity to destroy child’s future. In actuality, the simplicity and profundity of the message, that HEMP TECHNOLOGIES GLOBAL Food, Fuel, Shelter, Jobs – Hemp is NOW! http://tinyurl.com/HempJobs Hemp Products Panacea Disguised as Weed http://tinyurl.com/Hempscience Hemp, as a Schedule I controlled substance can be used, to make thousands of products, which of course will also threaten fossil fuel media, timber, et al cartel profiteering: An updated summary of the charming record of US foreign policy. Since the end of the Second World War, the United States of America has… http://wp.me/p4f7uC-o8

The United States and Central America, the Drug Game

The case of José Bueso Rosa demonstrates the lengths to which high White House and CIA officials were willing to go to protect an individual who fit the classic definition of a “narco- terrorist.” General Bueso Rosa was involved in a conspiracy to import 345 kilos of coke into Florida–street value $40 million. Part of the proceeds were to be used to finance the assassination of the president of Honduras. I think most people in this room would agree that a major cocaine smuggler and would-be international terrorist such as General Bueso Rosa should be locked up for life. But because this general had been the CIA’s and the Pentagon’s key liaison in Honduras in the covert war against Nicaragua, North, Clarridge, and others in the Reagan administration sought leniency for him. As North put it in an e-mail message U.S. officials “cabal[ed] quietly to look at options: pardon, clemency, deportation, reduced sentence.” The objective of our national security managers was not to bring the weight of the law down on General Bueso, but to “keep Bueso from…spilling the beans.” By the way, he ended up serving less than five years in prison–in a white collar “Club Fed” prison in Florida.
The plan would then lead to detaining large numbers of American citizens who the government labeled as a “national security” threat.
Written by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, NSC liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of “national preparedness” programs for the FEMA, the bill was based off a report written by the former FEMA chief Louis Giuffrida in 1970. The report proposed the detention of over 20 million “American Negroes” if there was an African American revolt in the United States. The Miami Herald reported in 1987 that all it took was a signature from Ronald Reagan himself and his Attorney General to make REX 84 happen.
”These camps are to be operated by FEMA should martial law need to be implemented in the United States and all it would take is a presidential signature on a proclamation and the attorney general’s signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached.”
The Miami Herald also points to those who created REX 84 in having done so before the 1980 election. The Herald notes that they might have created an “October surprise” to sabotage the Carter presidency by negotiating with Iran to release the 52 hostages being held, in addition to stealing confidential briefing material before the October 28, 1980 Reagan/Carter debate.

High on Hemp

It’s a myth that alternative fuels are years away.
We’re in production. We have partnerships with Pacific Biodiesel Texas and Pacific Biodiesel, and we are doing community production of biodiesel. And our intent is to keep them community [based] and then promote that idea where each community … can and should create their own fuel, and let that be the market for the community.
~ Annie Nelson, wife of Willie Nelson
co-chairperson of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance
Joshua Scheer interview AlterNet February 06, 2007
“When a food is discovered that is a rich source of several essential nutrients, such as hemp seed, it makes nutrition news.”
~ Nancy Ross Ryan,
Chicago Tribune July 27, 2000
“Hemp is environmentally friendly crop that doesn’t require massive applications of fertizilers and pesticides to thrive. It doesn’t deplete the land and grows under adverse conditions. Virtually every other country in the world allows its cultivation and are developing its industrial uses which include the extraction of oils for food to the making of bricks for low cost housing. This is the crop that could save the family farm in America.”
~ David Monson,
farmer, school superintendent and N.D. state legislator
“American farmers are unable to compete in the free world market due to unfair DEA laws prohibiting hemp cultivation. The U.S. is almost the only developed nation that doesn’t allow its farmers to grow hemp.”
~ Stan White,
AP Story Proves Value of Hemp Farming
Summit Daily News January 21, 2007 USA
“The last thing law-enforcement people need is for the cultivation of marijuana-looking plants to spread. Are we going to ask them to go through row by row, field by field, to distinguish between legal hemp and marijuana?”
~ Tom Riley,
White House Office on National Drug Control Policy
Seems it’s a very high priority for D.E.A.th to keep hemp illegal.
Statistics look better mixing the two together.
Saving our kids from nutrition and stronger fibers.
Eradicated Marijuana Is 98 Percent Hemp Ditchweed
Only drug worrier zealot DEAth Merchant Tom Riley idiots,
would pollinate $400.00 oz kyndbud into burlap…[/i]

The Birth of the Kochtopus

Every Thing You touch Dies and you don't Care Monsanto kills butterflies
We came, we saw, we destroyed, we forgot
 then we remembered
Meanwhile, the US and EU have neglected carbon capture, to use CO2, to grow algae
and distill methanol, at the site, of any furnace,
while the US exports her drug war,
featuring hemp,
as a Schedule I controlled substance, while crack, smack, speed, and Zimmy’s Adderall are on Schedule II.  The deuces can’t be used, to make thousands of products,
which threaten fossil fuel media, timber, et al cartel profiteering.
An updated summary of the charming record of US foreign policy. Since the end of the Second World War, the United States of America has …
Attempted to overthrow more than
50 governments, most of which were democratically-elected.
Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in
20 countries.
Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least
30 countries.
Dropped bombs on the people of more than
30 countries.
Attempted to assassinate more than
50 foreign leaders.
On July 9, 2011 a demonstration in front of the White House, the theme of which was “Stop Bombing Libya”. http://www.globalresearch.ca/arguing-libya-another-war-another-myth/25821?print=1
The vast majority of the Kochs’ political spending was not sent directly to political parties or candidates, found Lewis and his colleagues, but instead toward nonprofits, lobbying and universities. The discrepancy is striking: only $8.7 million went directly to political parties and candidates, while $53.9 million went to lobbying, $41.2 million to nonprofit organizations and an annual libertarian conference, and $30.5 million to US colleges and universities. Combined, the Kochs spent more than $14 on lobbying, nonprofits and education for every $1 they gave directly to politicians. – See more at: 
New Financing Tool
The Supreme Court handed the Kochs an important weapon in a 1976 decision in Buckley v. Valeo. The court opened two loopholes in a two-year-old campaign finance law that had placed tight controls on what candidates, parties, and private individuals could spend on campaigns: A candidate could spend an unlimited amount of his or her money running for office, and an individual was free to spend an unlimited amount of money promoting candidates so long as the spending was not coordinated with them.
The next three years witnessed the birth of the Koch political apparatus. Charles Koch sought to recruit like-minded businessmen who would invest in the libertarian cause, an embryonic version of the Koch-supervised donor club that poured $400 million into the 2012 campaign.
“Charles was giving as much to the Libertarians as he was paying out in dividends,” William told The Times in a 1986 interview. “Pretty soon we would get the reputation that the company and the Kochs were crazy.”
Money and Passion
In March 1979, Mr. Clark declared that he would seek the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination. A lawyer for Atlantic Richfield Corporation, he was the candidate many libertarians had been waiting for: polished, substantive and well spoken.
The goal was “to try to run somebody who looked like an actual politician, a normal person, not your typical ‘Star Trek’ convention wannabe like most party members were,” recalled Bruce Bartlett, a supply-side economics expert who volunteered as a speechwriter for the Clark campaign.
But a Clark presidential campaign needed money and a running mate. The Kochs could provide both. If one of the brothers joined the ticket, he could — thanks to the Buckley loophole — donate as much as he wanted to the campaign, finally giving the ticket enough cash to run ads and seek a ballot spot in all 50 states. David Koch announced his candidacy in August 1979.
The post-Watergate campaign finance law “makes my blood boil,” Mr. Koch wrote in a letter to party members. He had a simple proposal: “As the Vice-presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party I will contribute several hundred thousand dollars to the Presidential campaign committee in order to ensure that our ideas and our Presidential nominee receive as much media exposure as possible.”
A Vice-Presidential Pitch
This is the second page in a two-page letter from David Koch offering his candidacy for Libertarian nomination for Vice President.second-page-of-a-2-page-letter-from-Koch-offering-his-candidacy

The Koch Brothers and ObamaCare: and Other Koch Brothers Facts Your best Interest
Demand Alabama Governor Robert Bentley expand Medicaid. Here’s his contact number 334-242-7100 or fax 334-353-0004. #UniteBlue Populist George Wallaces’ Alabama belongs to the people; Healthcare belongs to each and very citizen whether you claim it or not. Let us each one think for ourselves, in just one moment, bigotry not withstanding
Demand 1 Alabama Governor Robert Bentley expand Medicaid. for 99% Here’s his contact number 334-242-7100 or fax 334-353-0004. #UniteBlue
Wallace replied, “You know, I tried to talk about good roads and good schools and all these things that have been part of my career, and nobody listened. And then I began talking about niggers, and they stomped the floor.”[17]
The following Governors Follow the Koch Brother’s Lead:
Mike Pence (IN), John Kasich (OH), Robert Bentley (AL), Bobby Jindal (LA), Sam Brownback (KS), Rick Perry (TX), Nikki Haley (SC), Nathan Deal (GA), Robert McDonnell (VA) and Jay Nixon (MO)
… Are toeing the line, regardless of the impact on their constituents.
So when Rick Scott of Florida stood up against the giants, AFP was meet with anger and disbelief,
The Koch Brothers and ObamaCare: and Other Koch Brothers Facts
Mike Pence (IN), John Kasich (OH), Robert Bentley (AL), Bobby Jindal (LA), Sam Brownback (KS), Rick Perry (TX), Nikki Haley (SC), Nathan Deal (GA), Robert McDonnell (VA) and Jay Nixon (MO)
When constructing history, context is all-important. Specific events tell us less about reality than the
social, political, and cultural
that produced them.
The application of this truism is especially apparent in the construc- tion of Alabama constitutions. The 1819 Alabama document that cre- ated the state was written in the aftermath of the American Revolution and amidst westward expansion. Its assumptions were democratic and expansive within the context of a culture that believed African- Americans1 were unfit for political participation and that white women should not be exposed to such a sullied pro~ess.If~political culture allowed only white males to vote, then Alabama’s constitution makers believed all white males should be granted suffrage without regard to whether they owned property, attended church, believed in God, or were literatc3 Such beliefs were consistent with the prevalent Jacksonian democracy of the Southern frontier.At graduation exercises in the spring of 1964 at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, Wallace received an honorary doctorate.[25] At the commencement, Bob Jones, Jr., read the following citation as a tribute to Wallace:“ Men who have fought for truth and righteousness have always been slandered, maligned, and misrepresented. The American press in its attacks upon Governor Wallace has demonstrated that it is no longer free, American, or honest. But you, Mr. Governor, have demonstrated not only by the overwhelming victories in the recent elections in your own state of Alabama but also in the showing which you have made in states long dominated by cheap demagogues and selfish radicals that there is still in America love for freedom, hard common sense, and at least some hope for the preservation of our constitutional liberties.[26]


The meaning of Welcome Home Bowe BergdahMeetKochIndAfter 2016 Washington angst about Taliban commanders returning to the fight may be beside the point: America will have left the field. In a best case, the Taliban will forge a reconciliation pact with a more-or-less stable central government. Post-war Afghanistan will not be a perfect place, Mr Obama declared recently, “and it is not America’s responsibility to make it one.” Such cold realism reflects the mood of the public. It foreshadows how America’s longest war will end. But as the Bergdahl drama reveals, don’t expect Americans to enjoy it.

The meaning of Welcome Home Bowe Bergdahl

Free Bowe Bergdahl
Supporting SGT Bowe Bergdahl captured 6/30/09 in Afghanistan by allies of the Taliban. He remains a POW.

Waiting For Bowe
US Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl was captured in Afghanistan on 6-30-09 by the Haqqani Network, a Taliban-allied insurgent group. He remains a POW

Raising awareness for US Army Sgt #BoweBergdahl, captured in Afghanistan 6-30-09 #BringBoweHome #BoweTuesday #LeaveNoManBehind



Kentucky Gets it’s Weed Seeds Back

Feds release hemp seeds to Kentucky officials.  Is this the end of the drug war?

Hemp has historically been used for rope but has many other uses: clothing and mulch from the fiber; hemp milk and cooking oil from the seeds; and soap and lotions. 

Feds release hemp seeds to Kentucky officials



 Andy Barr

Alison Lundergan Grimes

Jack Conway

University of Kentucky

Representative Ed Whitfield

Representative John Yarmuth

Representative Thomas Massie


Representative Hal Rogers

Rep. John Yarmuth (D).

We are obliged to know we are global citizens.

must not allow anything to reduce that We are obliged to know we are global citizens.

“During bad circumstances, which is the human inheritance, you must decide not to be reduced. You have your humanity, and you must not allow anything to reduce that. We are obliged to know we are global citizens. Disasters remind us we are world citizens, whether we like it or not.”


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Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people.” (August 1765) John Adams

Here’s What’s Being Said

The United States cannot turn back now. It has set itself on a path of no return. – Having stored up so many enemies, the bully must now remain forever a bully to ensure his own survival.

By: M.N. Dean

05/14/03: America has been hijacked by an evil and corrupt administration. The Bush administration has used the country as a weapon of mass destruction. All civilized and intellectual beings know only too well, that the Muslim populations they have encountered, and despite Bush’s lies, the Muslims are a good, honest and peaceful people. Bush is using lies, racism and religion to persecute and kill innocent people and to rape and steal their countries.

We live in a world full of differences and those differences must be accepted, embraced and learned from, not used against one another. Bush and Blair have isolated themselves and their countries from the world and peace. They have also isolated themselves within their respective countries.

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Richard Perle etc, are members of a vile neo- conservative group: Project for a New American Century (PNAC). They have targeted Iraq for its oil fields and Middle East location to fund and support future theatres of war against the Middle East and Asia. They have a hit list, written in the mid-1990s, that includes Syria, Libya, Iran, North Korea and many others.

This agenda regrettably was not stopped in Iraq. And one should not support occupation, with troops in Iraq, we must support the innocent and the intelligent — not the evil doers who are slaughtering them or the ill advised, and some say, idiots who support the Bush administration. The Middle East must have our heart and our prayers.

Governments have always masked brute self-interest with moral purpose, of course. But much blatant hypocrisy has done much to undermine the international goodwill that America garnered in the first months after the twin towers, particularly in the Arab world.

In a deeper sense, self-deceit also corrupts one’s intentions and one’s self. The fact is that the coalition didn’t send troops to Afghanistan to stop women being made to wear the burqa. They sent them to remove a regime that was harbouring a group that had launched a vile and bloody attack on civilians in America.

Once that was achieved, the great plans for the rebuilding of Afghanistan have been let quietly slip from the table. It is difficult to imagine anything, but the same would happen now that Saddam Hussein has been removed. The US oil companies would be given the oil concessions and the future of Iraqi society would be pushed into the “not our responsibility” tray

The US have won the war in Iraq if indeed it can be called that, instead of premeditated genocide but its stocks in the market place of public opinion on the international stage has sustained irreparable harm. The US will never be the same after this bloody demonstration of arrogance.

It has choices however. It can genuflect before the world and seek forgiveness or it has to show that it will discard the more Zionist than even Israel, image of America. It has to show the World, or while still holding on to its big stick or, it could continue on its natural path to become the world bully, the righter of wrongs, the evangelical purveyor of the Anglo Saxon way, the ordained kingdom.

The United States cannot turn back now. It has set itself on a path of no return. All bullies at some stage recognise that a lifetime of offensive behaviour can become boring. The problem is, the bully cannot afford to affect the behaviour of the pacifist or, he will be taken out very quickly. Having stored up so many enemies, the bully must now remain forever a bully to ensure his own survival. Pretty soon America will become the biggest threat to world peace. Perhaps. It already is.

With all the talk of the US warmongers about liberating Iraq and rebuilding it, let us be reminded, about the US objectives in rebuilding Afghanistan after the end of the campaign in November 2001. The objectives were; Education, Health, Sanitation facilities, Enhancement of administrative capacity, Development of Agricultural sectors and Rebuilding of Roads, Energy and Telecommunication links.

What has happened since? Zilch. Afghanistan is still the country with much less than a GNP per capita of US$800, a literacy rate of 36% and a life expectancy at birth of 47 years. Following the trendsetter Bush, to quote from Professor AfnanFaxan ,universityof Jeddah, in his article in the “Arab News” Quote ( as recently as April 10, during a pro-war demonstration in New York, Gov. Pataki told a cheering crowd: “The war started here on Sept. 11, 2001.” Like President Bush, Pataki is just one of countless US officials busy justifying the invasion of Iraq and promoting the lie that the Iraqis were responsible for the death of 3,000 people in the World Trade Centre. Nobody mentions Osama Bin Laden anymore. Nobody mentions the fact that half the population of southern Iraq will die from cancers linked to the use of US uranium-tipped shells and missiles. Nobody mentions the chaos, lawlessness, looting and torching prevalent in post-war Iraq under US leadership and occupation.

What these politicians are doing is basically denying the relevance of morality in politics and preaching the Machiavellian self-serving doctrine of the “end justifies the means.” The logic is it’s good to destroy and kill and maim thousands of civilians if it means getting rid of their leader who never actually attacked you but could possibly think of doing so in a distant future; it’s good to leave millions of people without water, power, food, sanitation or security just as long as you bring American democracy to the region. The last time I checked the American Heritage Dictionary, Machiavellian was an ugly word suggestive of deceit, cunning and expediency. It will continue to be ugly, even if American dictionary compilers decide to change the hard-core meaning of the word and impose a new definition.) Unquote

In effect, the ongoing looting and torching of museums, libraries, universities, schools, hospitals and other cultural and civic institutions in Iraq is not an attempt at regime change but at culture change. By stripping the Iraqi people of their collective heritage and destroying their ancient Mesopotamian roots, the Bush administration thinks it can recreate Iraq from scratch, reshape and remould its proud and nationalistic people and turn them into a nation of illiterates, thieves, cutthroats, and informants who willingly accept US occupation and Zionist hegemony. The Iraqis are well aware of these vindictive intentions. This is what the director of Iraq’s National Library had to say to Los Angeles Times about the American-led destruction of Iraq: “They burned the history of this country. Now we are standing here beginning from zero. Our memory is destroyed.”

Just think of the irony. When deadly tornadoes ravaged the four-block-long business district in Pierce City, Mo., last weekend, one devastated business owner had this to say to a visibly shaken Missouri Gov. Bob Holden: “How can we save this? This town is 130 years old and you just don’t find this anymore.” Yes, 130 years is definitely tragic, but at least the Missouri twister was an unpreventable natural disaster. Can anyone begin to imagine or comprehend how Iraqis must feel at the deliberate man-made destruction of thousands and thousands of years of their history and spectacular culture?

Where did US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld get his creative ideas of culture destruction and culture change? Probably while he was sifting through the history books at the Pentagon trying to find a creative way to contain the Iraqi threat to Israel. He probably hit upon the Third Punic war in 146 BC when the Romans physically destroyed and occupied what is today known as Tunisia and founded a new city of Carthage _ a Roman one. They called it the province of “Africa” _ a name that was eventually used to refer to the entire continent. In the same manner, by destroying Iraq and looting its cultural heritage, Rumsfeld thinks that the US can create the new American province of Iraq and ultimately rename and repopulate the entire Middle East.

At the heart of this diabolical plan to culture-change Iraq professor Faxan states, are the evangelical Christians of Samaritan Purse and the Southern Baptist Convention, who form a large part of Bush’s electoral base and who are deeply pro-Israel. Why on earth are these Islam phobic missionaries now camped in Jordan waiting to swoop like vultures into Iraq? The answer is simple. They’re there to confiscate what they perceive to be biblical land, retrieve it from the hands of the heathens and terrorists and triumphantly claim it for Christendom. This is what the Reverend Franklin Graham wrote in his book (“The Name”) published last year: “The God of Islam is not the God of Christian faith_ The two are as different as lightness and darkness.” Richard Land, the chairman of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, had this to say: “The reason most evangelicals support Israel is that we believe in the bible.”

Again to quote from Professor Faxan (Quote) “By and large, the first eleven chapters of Genesis are set in southern Iraq, in the land of Shinar or Babylonia, Including the cities of Babel, Uruk, and Akkad. The cities of northern Iraq, Nimrod and Nineveh, is also part of Judeo-Christian heritage, just as they are integral to Arab and Muslim traditions. Till today, well-preserved remains of all these cities can be seen in Iraq and there’s the rub. Can religious extremists in the US and Israel afford to ignore such a goldmine of archaeological treasures? It’s no wonder that many Christian-Zionist missionaries have already started settling with the Kurds of northern Iraq, insisting that Jewish Kurds who migrated to Israel in 1948 must now be repatriated and given a voice in the interim government. In short, these evangelists believe that God gave the land of Iraq, indeed all the lands of Arabia from the Nile to the Euphrates, to the Jews forever. To them, the invasion of Iraq consecrated “the victory of the Cross over the Crescent,” to quote a famous line said by the French General, Henri Gouraud, as he kicked Saladin’s tomb after the fall of Damascus in July 1920.

Tragically, this crusader mentality is today prevalent in the White House. Just listen to the same venomous words of Michael Leedon, a senior adviser to Bush, who is perhaps the most vocal and violent of Bush’s evangelist team: “God willing, Judgment day is coming to the Middle East.” Let us not forget that Hulegu’s army included Christian soldiers from Armenia and Georgia sent by King Bohemond of Antioch-Tripoli and King Hethum I of Armenia, who both wanted to liberate Christian holy places from the Muslim “infidels”. An estimated 800,000 Muslims were massacred by the Mongols in February 1258; Christians and Jews were fortunately spared since Hulegu’s wife, Dokuz, and his chief general, Kitbugha, were both Christians. Like today’s neoconservative advisers to Bush, these two confidantes saw the destruction of Baghdad as a fulfilment of biblical prophecy heralding the Day of Judgment. The pleasant irony of course is that the Mongol conquerors themselves converted to Islam in less than a century after their invasion.” (unquote)

It is also quite telling that Jay Garner, pro-Likud American viceroy of Iraq and close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, has set up permanent camp in biblical Ur, the reputed birthplace of the Prophet Abraham, where excavations in the 1920s and 1930s had yielded a great temple complex as well as royal tombs packed with sacrificed servants and gold treasures rivalling the riches of Tutankhamen. His choice of location is foreboding; it foreshadows the inevitable expulsion of Iraqi civilians and their replacement with Israeli settlers and missionaries like Franklin Graham. He has already started repopulating not only Ur but also the city of Qurna, believed to be the Garden of Eden, the mythic place where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers join and where the ancient Eucalyptus known as Adam’s tree stands as a symbol of paradise on earth. This city revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike is now home to the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment. In addition, the US State Department has organized and funded the Eden Again project, headed by a group of American geologists who hope to restore the Garden of Eden and to populate the city with people they refer to as “refugees and Westernised Iraqi exiles.” The same destiny awaits the fabled ancient cities of Uruk, Nineveh, Nimrod, Babylon, and many other medieval Muslim villages in the western reaches of Baghdad now abandoned by their inhabitants. In the marshland of Uruk (from which the modern name of Iraq is derived), Western archaeologists have now cordoned off what they believe to be the lost grave of Iraq’s King Gilgamesh, the hero of the world’s oldest epic poem recounting a devastating flood which has been linked to the story of Noah’s Ark. They hope to unearth Gilgamesh’s grave next year if and when the political situation allows. Just wait until you see wildcat settlements or giant armour-plated D9 Israeli bulldozers roaming the streets of Uruk, Ur and other ancient cities of Iraq looking for lucrative sites to excavate or demolish. Surely then George Bush and Jay Garner wouldn’t be able to masquerade as the Good Samaritans. Or would they?

This war reeks of Israeli revenge and the coming months and years will see Iraq turning into a grotesque mirror-image of occupied Jerusalem or the West Bank and Gaza _ replete with the confiscation of land and revenue, the mass detention of civilians, the demolition of homes, the door-to-door searches, the roadblocks and 24-hour curfews. Even the very language and terminology of US Marines is becoming jarringly like that of the Israeli Defence Forces. Mark Franchetti in The Times recounts the words of US Marines who had just machine-gunned 15 civilian vehicles at a roadblock in Nassiriya. Here is Corporal Ryan Dupre venting the same hatred and spewing the same vindictive analogies as the Israelis: “The Iraqis are sick people and we are the chemotherapy. I am starting to hate this country. Wait till I get hold of a friggin’ Iraqi. No, I won’t get hold of one. I’ll just kill him.”

Just think. While we were watching the bereavement, the wailing, the mourning and the funeral processions in Iraq, a callous Colin Powell was addressing a cheering AIPAC crowd of ecstatic Zionists. In a theatrical delivery, he told his pro-war Jewish audience what they wanted to hear. This war will make Israel “safe” and “secure,” he exclaimed in a rising crescendo, not forgetting to add the White House cliché “Let there be no doubt about the outcome. We will drive Saddam Hussein out.” Was this the appropriate time and place to hold such a radical war rally? Watching him perform that night in front of this ultra-radical group chillingly explained why he was fighting so hard to discredit UN weapon inspectors and to stop the process of inspections in Iraq by any means possible even to the extent of presenting forged documents of Iraqi uranium procurement.

Obviously, the Arabs and Muslims have been duped into thinking that America’s first black secretary of state is inherently good and peace loving. They should have known better. Even in 1991, when he was questioned about the number of Iraqis killed in the Gulf War, Powell replied: “It’s really not a number I am terribly interested in.” Well, Mr. Powell better be interested this time round, because many people all over the world are counting the death toll and sooner or later he will be charged with legitimising the mass murder of Iraqi civilians. Undoubtedly, there will be a day of reckoning as Bush predicts, but this time it will be the turn of Bush and his war Cabinet. Clearly the major objective of this war is not to liberate the people of Iraq; they hardly count in the equation. The military goal is simply to destroy the country first, obliterate Iraqi culture next and then try to coerce the natives into accepting subjugation and invasion. Sharon is closely watching how his old friend Jay Garner establishes his rule and culture-changes Iraq from enemy to closest friend and ally. Seeing that President Bush wants to democratise Iraq and the rest of the Arab world, shouldn’t he have asked the Iraqis first whether they want to be liberated? Why not hold elections? Let’s vote and see how many Iraqis want Tommy Franks or retired Gen. Jay Garner as their governor. There’s no use pretending that President Bush is a saviour who wants to liberate the Iraqis. In Iraqi eyes, he is not. And while we’re at democratisation, why not hold global elections to see how many people want President Bush to be the “leader of the free world,” as his Zionist supporters now introduce him.

Egged on by radical Zionists, Bush has legitimised everything that was once thought to be in violation of common laws of decency and morality: Pre-emption, invasion, assassination, regime change, culture change, wanton destruction, mass detention, torture and the use of brutal overwhelming force. But history has shown us what befalls people who perpetrate such crimes.

If we examine it dispassionately we will come to the conclusion that America has a natural affinity for waging war against non-white countries. Lest we forget, we must remind ourselves that America, that bastion of freedom, Christianity, Capitalism and televangelists is the only country to have used atomic bombs on another country. Not only did the United States drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in August 1945, but three days later when the Japanese were still dazed over that ‘shock and awe’, the Americans dropped another one on Nagasaki.

World opinion gained exponential traction against this war but, we as a World failed to prevent it. Pretty soon the American public will come to realise the error of their ways in electing (?) a president who has always sounded like a high school dropout rather than an Ivy League graduate. Pretty soon the US population will wake up to the realisation that other people in disparate parts of this globe whether they be black, yellow, mottled or cross- hatched, are very similar to the typical individual on Wall Street.

As his Top Gun fantasy last week made only too obvious, Mr Bush enormously enjoys playing soldier — especially when the situation permits him to order others (blacks and poor-whites, mainly, meaning those whom Mr Bush’s scary, to note, fiscal policies are destined to turn into un-persons in the New America) to go out and do the killing and the getting killed, while, in preparation for his carrier landing, Perhaps, he takes ditching lessons in the White House swimming pool.

There was a time when patriotic Americans from both parties would have denounced any president who tried to take political advantage of his role as commander-in-chief. But that, it seems, was another country.’ a long time ago. The American, in the street has got to be roused out of his slumber, we pray, to recognise the world as a True global village, with links not only of economic aspirations, but also pain, blood, tears and sweat, the harder it will be for them to create home-grown despots with power to bring about chaos in this world.

The Iraqis do not want a foreigner to rule them, especially when they see the Americans exporting their oil, while they go hungry. Nor, are the Iraqi ‘s sure, America has a truly “Made in America” brand of democracy for export to Iraq. America has got to first legitimately elect Presidents!

Everyone knows, Americans count in the World as hardworking, Industrious and Compassionate and loved. It’s the present Administration that came into power under questionable terms that is causing America to be known as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.



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