Pigi ‏@piginikol  14h Doors......and steps........GREECE pic.twitter.com/Mrv7DIMO4f

Pigi ‏@piginikol 14h
Doors……and steps……..GREECE pic.twitter.com/Mrv7DIMO4f

Subject: Substitute FreedomWorks aka KOCH Industries Bill Gates Foundation Coal Breathing Jobs.


ALGEBRA ProjectCore 501C3 Charity:    

 AlgebraWorks avows that its mission is to advocate for:

  1. Restrict Most States Constitutional Right;
  2. To increase Peoples Constitutional Rights;
  3. Expanding parental choice as to all school/education vouchers/child’s education and Lunch
  4. Fair distribution taxes for common good,
  5. Less State Restrictions And Habeas Corpus,
  6. DNA for Death Penalty Rape Murder
  7. Jury of My Peers
  8. Percentage %For All Veterans; Keep the Honour
  9.  Hemp in Africa
  10. Open Borders
  11.  For ” by “each of 99% of USA
  12. No Private hands on My Social Security,
  13. Repeal 13th Amendment

Eliminate Substitute FreedomWorks’  Anti-elimination of:

1) Implementing a flat tax and

2) Abolishing the estate tax,

3)Limiting tort liability,

4)Judicial nominations

5.(It favors eliminating the filibuster)

And 6)Industrial and 7)environmental regulation, 8)immigration, and 9welfare.

AlgebraWorks Activities:

Each individual 99% donate 250 to Party with our own choices Freedom Interest or Separation from State

– See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/freedomworks#sthash.XmtetZD1.dpufSEE  M O R E FREEDOM WORKS

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