Air pollution now kills more people than high cholesterol
The new report provides some helpful information, but they neglected to include any information about indoor microbial contamination. Even though there is a significant number of research papers on this topic (including reports from the World Health Organization), there was no reference to mold, mould, fungi, microbial or biological contaminants in any of the seven articles about the GBD 2010 study. This is a glaring omission. It’s very disappointing that they neglected to address this important public health issue in the study. To learn more about the Global Burden of Indoor Air Contaminants, check out the Global Indoor Health Network’s position statement HERE
Climate Change is one of the greatest challenges of our time.
It is said to be the greatest threat to
Humanity in the 21st Century. Dr. Donald Kaberuka,
The President, African Development Bank said recently
that “we have two challenges – fighting
global poverty and fighting Climate Change. Fail the one,
fail the other”. The recent IPCCC Report
also highlighted that Climate Change has a disastrous effect
on the state of the global environment.

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