Distill / desalinate or otherwise purify ocean water into clean water on ocean site or in the town/city.
Use Hempcrete (hemp cement – info@hempcrete.ca ) to build aqueducts from the ocean to the water purification plants.
Use locally grown (on government land when possible for further savings) hemp building materials to construct and stock the water plant and system, i.e hemp paper, fabrics, furnishings, etc.
Run the water plant on hemp energy including biofuel and biomass.
Repair or rebuild sewage infrastructure with hemp materials including hemp plastic pipes. Seal all sewer tanks. Take advantage of the upgrade further by replacing home pipes that are rusting with new hemp plastic pipes and fixtures.
Make air and water filters from hemp, both at the plant and at the end user/citizen point.
In addition to hemp medicine, a hemp empowered abundant water supply will also assist folks with health care by using what’s called THE WATER CURE hydrotherapy.
Finance the operation from the abundant funds from a 20% recreational grade (based on THC content) hemp tax.

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