Pancea (Disguised as Hemp Weed)

Pancea Disguised as Hemp Weed


The consumption of high- THC cannabis flowers, or buds, through smoking or eating is used to treat a number of ailments:

Nausea– for cancer patients while undergoing chemotherapy and AIDS patients, smoking cannabis is preferred over taking THC in pill form because it acts faster and patients are able to dose themselves more accurately.

Intraocular pressure– for glaucoma suffers, cannabis relieves the pressure in their eyes that leads to blindness.

Seizures– the cannabidiol in cannabis improves the condition of grand mal and partial seizure sufferers and allows them to reduce or dispense with conventional medications.

Pain– for sufferers of migraine headaches, post-menstrual cramps, labor pains, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy, cannabis reduces muscle spasms and tremors and allows them to avoid conventional medications with serious side-effects.

Depression– for patients who do not respond to or who want to avoid the side-effects of other medications.
Asthma- cannabis smoke dilates the bronchial passages.

Food, Fuel, Shelter, Jobs – Hemp is NOW

The four Basic Uses of Cannabis Hemp
Food, Fiber, Fuel, Medicine

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